Treat Your Children Like They Deserve Great Things

I’m not much of a moralist. I often have “extreme” positions and very “radical” and out of the ordinary principles but this isn’t rooted in a traditional moral outlook. Here is an example of that …

If the world is abusive, you are probably a negligent parent by not abusing your child. As a huge advocate for children, gentle parenting, unschooling, etc. that would seem like a crazy position, but roll with me for a minute.

In a tough world of murder and violence, the people who thrive are the people who have normalized conditions and know how to navigate the waters. Evolutionarily, we don’t have free association and we don’t get to choose. Children are best served for existence by having parents who reflect the conditions of reality.

The main reason I am a gentle parent, unschooler and advocate for children is because of free association. This is something that is a modern invention. I want my children to normalize the tools afforded to individuals by having access to billions of options. I also want my children to normalize respect, kindness, individual responsibility, and a whole myriad of other attributes that I believe maximize happiness and success in today’s world.

If you abuse your children, punish them, and take out your frustrations on them, they will normalize that behavior, and when they are sifting through their options of jobs, friends, relationships, etc. they will have a very low bar of expectations. They will let life guide their options rather than taking advantage of great opportunities and escaping shitty circumstances. People are wonderful and horrible. Jobs are rewarding and miserable. Treat your children like they deserve great things in life and they will be vastly more likely to search for it.

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