Support and Discussion Groups

The following is a collection of support groups on social media and the web. They can be an invaluable source of knowledge and wisdom for every unschooling parent.

Facebook – Peaceful Parenting/Unschooling Support. This group boasts a lot of members and is a fantastic resource for questions on unschooling and peaceful parenting practices.

Facebook – SSUD. The Secret Society of Unschooling Dads is a group for unschooling dads. SSUD can also be found gathering at unschooling conferences around the world.

Facebook – Radical Unschooling Info. This group is kept orderly and on-topic. It is recommended to browse the site for answers before submitting questions. The group has a lot of history and a lot of content.

It is recommended to search for unschooling groups in your town on Facebook. They are a great way to meet other unschoolers in person, and find new friends for yourself and your kids.