Unschooling Dads was published in the autumn of 2015 by the editor, Skyler J. Collins, with the express purpose of educating dads on the practice of unschooling. The book began with a Foreword by a major figure in the unschooling world, Sandra Dodd, who therein wrote,

Unschooling sounds crazy. Peeking out of school doorways, or out of school eyes, it looks dangerously insane. But here’s the deal: school-eyes come of having lived in school, identified with school, having become schooled, and schoolish. Peeking out of a school doorway is no place to stand to see the whole real world.

This book lets you see from different continents and from the perspectives of dads from different decades, whose children are all different ages. They have gone on the dangerous, scary path, and have left messages here for you to come on—it’s a pretty nice path after all.

Like the book, this website was designed to further the purpose of educating dads on the practice of unschooling. Every month, voices will be published sharing thoughts, experiences, and concerns regarding the many facets and features of unschooling. An unschooling home is as unique as the people who live there, and everyone has begun unschooling in whole or in part for many reasons and in many ways.

Unschooling, or self-directed education, like most big ideas, has a spectrum of its own. Some unschooling parents could also be called eclectic homeschoolers, allowing their children to choose their own paths, but still requiring the use of curriculum and lesson plans. Others will structure time, but not content. While still others, the radical unschoolers, will allow their children complete self-direction in how they spend their time and toward the content their interests and passions demand.

Many unschooling families start with structured homeschooling, and sooner or later evolve into eclectic homeschooling, and possibly later to radical unschooling. Every family’s path and position is their own. This website features voices from across the unschooling spectrum, including the voices of academics who are on the outside looking in.

Additionally, the voices published here are not limited to dads. It is recognized that many moms take on dual roles in their homes, and their insight is valuable. Further, many dads who prefer not to write are married to amazing moms who do, and what they have to say about their husband’s role in their unschooling journey is greatly appreciated.

Lastly, if you are interested in having your voice published on this website, please contact the editor through the contact link at the top. He will be happy to consider you for publication as he’s always looking for more unschooling voices.