In Defense of Quitting

Many times quitting is the best option. In fact, the vast majority of the time it is the best option.

I have quit on every romantic relationship I have ever been in, except for one. I have quit every perspective profession I have ever been in, except for one. I have quit most of my friendships, I have quit most of my hobbies, I have quit many endeavors, I have quit most things in my life.

Intelligent people don’t indiscriminately plow through hard things. They find the projects, subjects, books, professions, ideas, and people that make them feel passionate and they deeply desire to progress, work and excel within these endeavors.

I am a highly trained artist who can sing opera, play piano, write music, play brass instruments, teach acting, and many other things. I was incredibly passionate about about these subjects for many years. I don’t have musicians as parents. I didn’t have pushy teachers. I sat down and taught myself piano, and I spent my free time learning and studying music and performing arts.

Today, I own a pest control company. Today, music is a side hobby. I quit the trajectory I once was on. Now I am passionate about family, business and philosophy. Today I am happy to work hard in these endeavors without anyone pushing me to take the hard route.

I want my children to know themselves and discover their interests and values. I don’t think forcing them to learn physics makes them better people (by the way, I loved physics and math when I was in school, but forgot most everything beyond algebra as an adult).